My name is Alison Buttery, and I have a passion for helping horse riders just like you, to overcome their nerves, anxiety and fears around riding, so that you can create a super strong, trusting connection with your horse and (re)discover the joy in riding.

I have combined my extensive experience as a competitive rider, as a British Horse Society Accredited Professional Coach, as a Senior Lecturer in Equine Science, as a fully qualified teacher, and as a certified Mindset and Confidence Coach, to create an online learning experience and community which will help you find your own long-lasting confidence around riding.

My Crack the Confidence Code Membership combines the very best in sports psychology, mindset and confidence training strategies and personal development to help you learn and make the changes you need to manage your mindset and to transform your riding confidence. 

Get ready to transform both your mindset and confidence around riding (and let’s face it, the rest of your life too…), and see which of your biggest dreams you can make reality!


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Monthly subscription

New mindset & confidence resources each month

Full access to the back catalogue of training

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This is no 'one-size-fits-all'; you get to tailor your membership experience according to your needs so that you can achieve YOUR equestrian dreams!

The Ultimate Rider Confidence Course

In this 12-module, self-study, online course you'll learn how to (finally) overcome your confidence wobbles... so that you can get back to doing more of what you love with your horse!

Awesome, member's only community

You'll be welcomed into, frankly, the most supportive, kind and knowledgable online community, where you'll join a group of riders, just like you, who are all following their own path to riding confidence.

Member's Q&A Sessions

Get help with your mindset and confidence in these monthly group coaching sessions, so that you can make the changes you want (and need!).

Rider Confidence Hub

'Whether you're having a 'confidence crisis' or you want to grow your confidence and uplevel your riding, you'll get an 'all access pass' to absolutely everything in the member's online library, including Masterclasses, Hypnotherapy audio tracks, and challenges.

Guest Expert Masterclasses

Take part in training from some of the best in the business, to help you find more joy and fulfilment around owning and riding horses.

Exclusive Discounts

Get access to exclusive, member only discounts, to help you supercharge your mindset and confidence.

What's it all about?

Watch the video, and get the low-down!

Who is the Crack the Confidence Code Membership for?

You've lost your confidence around riding

You're experiencing nerves, anxiety, 'what ifs' or fear when riding

You're really hard on yourself, and have a vocal 'inner critic'

You've got dreams and goals; things you'd dearly love to do with your horse, but your mindset and lack of self-belief are holding you back

You want to build real, long-lasting confidence and resilient for the future

Who is the Crack the Confidence Code Membership NOT for?

You're not ready to let go of old patterns

You're not ready to make your mindset and confidence a priority 

You're not committed to following the process, to get to where you want to be

You're not willing to learn and open your mind to what's possible for you

So, who am I?

Crack the Confidence Code Membership

The Crack the Confidence Code Membership is for any rider who struggling with a lack of confidence, who wants to overcome nerves, anxiety and fear so they can (finally) believe in themselves and their horse, and do more of what they love together.

You'll join a wonderful community of riders, from around the world, who are learning to manage their mindset and emotions, build trust in themselves and their horse, and achieving their equestrian dreams.

What's included in the Membership?

  • That you feel a sense of anticipation and excitement about riding your horse, and cannot wait to get going. 
  • Somehow when you’re riding everything feels slower, calmer and way more enjoyable.
  • You’re in control of what you think, feel and do. You’re in flow, focusing completely on your riding and your horse (and loving every minute!)
  • You’re working as a partnership; communication between you and your horse is effortless and easy.
  • You know that you have everything you need, to manage whatever situation occurs right now. You know that you always have a choice about what happens next.
  • Whether you’re feeling exhilarated about cantering across a field, confidently hacking out on your own, moving up a level show jumping or simply achieving some amazing work with your horse in the arena, this is everything you ever dreamed of when riding. 

Just imagine, for a moment...

Whatever your situation, you can choose to find a way to (re)build your self-belief and self-confidence, so that you can get back to having splendid adventures, and creating some amazing memories with your horse. 

I have learnt so much about mindset and have found it fascinating. Alison is so clear in explaining things and I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone.

Hayley Elliott

It took me a while to get organised to sign up, but I’m so glad I did. It’s like you are inside my head and know exactly what’s holding me back. I don’t feel alone or silly any more I just need to prioritise my learning and make time for myself so that I can get to where I want to be. Thank you again so very much.   

Judith Campbell

The online course is user friendly and easy to navigate, the content is targeted to all learning styles. Each module if followed with a written task to help consolidate learning. I have found most of the techniques really useful and have implemented all of them. My favouirite, has been to focus on the horizon and point ‘belly button’ upwards. The course is great value and one, I would highly recommend. 

Tracey Wickson

t’s helped, simple as that. I’ve learned new ways of thinking which are improving my confidence in my riding. A couple of things; I’m making much more effort with positive self talk, and - despite having read and loving Atomic Habits - it took doing this course for me to realise that it’s possible to change mental habits as well as physical ones. I’m also trying not to generalise, and noticing the small incremental improvements I’m making. Yep, this training is well worth spending time on. Gets you thinking differently, while being kind to yourself and also very pragmatic about riding and horses in general. Would absolutely recommend.

Mairi Green

The membership has kept my motivation to keep learning how to move to a positive mindset. Working through the modules is helping me so much with understanding how my mind is working and how to challenge negative thoughts.

Sally Walker

Knowing there are others having fear issues has helped me . My mindset has changed to be more positive and confident.

The membership has really helped me face and manage my fear. I am feeling more confident everyday.

Linda Morton

The course has had a huge impact on me. When I started I could not even face getting on my horse, and when I did I was a nervous wreck and was just glad when it was all over. Now I am excited about riding, I am back to schooling, cantering, hacking out solo, and even taking her to clinics. I have been able to resolve not just my riding issues but a number of other issues that were affecting my life and it shows just how everything is linked.

Tracy L.

This membership is FINALLY giving me a new mindset to tackling riding issues and I cannot recommend it enough to anyone else who feels they lack riding confidence in someway.

Alison C.

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